I like making photographs, not just taking them, so playing with Photoshop is a thrill!  Now I get to take parts from photographs I have been shooting for the last 30 years, and adding new ones to create completely different and unique images.  My work is influenced by fantasy and surrealism.. Currently I am working on series entitled Life Redux, a commentary on the attraction of the virtual fantasy world and the people who choose to “live” in these virtual worlds rather than in reality.

Much of my work revolves around night photography. I have been enthralled by the magic and beauty of the nocturnal world for most of my life. I enjoy the serendipity in being unable to visualize completely how my final images will look before I press the shutter button—the heavens seem to be in control more than I am. Some of my images have come to me in dreams. When that happens I feel that I am just a conduit and it is up to me to capture all the elements in order to make the dream a reality.

I have been involved in all aspects of photography since I was a teenager (the Stone Age in photographic years) – I have worked in photo labs, camera stores, owned a photo studio, taught at Palomar College, owned a camera store and custom frame shop, and currently teach photography at San Dieguito Academy High School in Encinitas, California.  I have a Master’s in Digital Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design.

I live in Vista, California with one dog, two cats, and a multitude of goldfish and koi, along with the dragonflies and hummingbirds who often inhabit my photographs.